Frances Fuller is calling for a Department of Peace with a Secretary who is a member of the President’s Cabinet. She says this puts peace on the government’s agenda and on somebody’s job description. The Department will apply our national strength to solving problems, before they create war, and making friends instead of enemies.

“Building armies to defeat whatever enemies come is a reasonable response to tensions in the world. Making friends instead of enemies is even better. Solving problems before people lose hope is better. Promoting justice, acting justly, erasing oppression, listening, apologizing, respecting, opening doors, sharing essential commodities, resolving neighborhood conflicts, all of these are preferable to war. All of these are deterrents to war. And cheaper. And doable.

“The catch is that they mostly have to be done before a crisis occurs, and nobody does them unless they are someone’s job.

Peace, like war, is a responsibility that has to be assigned.

“That’s why we need a Department of Peace with a place in the President’s Cabinet.”

What do you think?